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Live From Space

Another facet to my job as a user experience designer at Channel 4 is to provide UX consultation across the entire digital estate, which includes multi-platform commissions that support programmes.

The Live From Space project was very special indeed. Working alongside the commissioner at Channel 4 and the external development agency aptly named Rckit. The plan was to develop a site that was as bold as the programme vision itself: a live broadcast from the International Space Station.

The site included an astronaut test, a micro-gravity game, an interactive story written and narrated by Commnader Chris Hadfield, a International Space Station tracker and a few microgravity easter eggs.

My role was to ensure that the site worked in line with Channel 4's user experience guidlines (4EG) and that there was regular UX support and sign-off.

Have a look at all the hard work here space.channel4.com

Live From Space Homepage